Dominique McElligott Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dominique McElligott was born on 5 March 1986 in Dublin, Ireland. In 2001, she made her acting debut on the TV series On Home Ground. Her next role came a few years later on the TV movie Whiskey Echo. In 2008, she appeared in the pilot episode of the show Being Human. At the same time, she made her film debut in Dark Floors. Also in 2008, she appeared as Rebecca Marsh in six episodes of the TV series Raw.

She next played the role of Bella Olazabal on the TV series The Philanthropist. Afterwards, she had a minor role in the romantic comedy film Leap Year. From 2011 to 2012, she starred as Lily Bell on the short-lived show Hell on Wheels. Around the same time, she had roles in the films The Guard, Blackthorn, and Not Fade Away. In 2015, she starred as Louise Shepard on the short-lived series The Astronaut Wives Club. Her recent roles were on the shows House of Cards and The Last Tycoon.

Has Dominique McElligott had Plastic Surgery?

The Irish actress is now a well-known actress even on US television. This is all thanks to her notable roles on some popular American shows. As she becomes a familiar face, she also becomes more susceptible to the observers’ keen eyes. Even though she’s only in her early 30s, it doesn’t stop others from reporting that McElligott has had cosmetic procedures at one point. But what kind of procedures? According to rumors, she’s had something done to her breasts, nose, and chin. Too much, yes?

For one, let’s get back to the fact that she’s only 31. Could someone this young be really undergoing to a lot of surgical operations for the sake of the so-called enhanced beauty? Yes, Heidi Montag who was actually younger and maybe more have done it, but it doesn’t mean everyone in Hollywood is on the same page when it comes to plastic surgery. There are other actresses who swear against doing any changes on their appearances through plastic surgery. Or are they just being hypocritical? As for Dominique McElligott, it doesn’t seem that she’s done something to her face or body that involves a plastic surgeon. For now let’s leave it at that.

Dominique McElligott

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