Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After

Erica Durance was born on June 21, 1978 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After high school, she moved to Vancouver to pursue acting. She continued her training for several years at the The Yaletown Actors Lab. She made her TV debut in an episode of The Lone Gunmen.

She then appeared in various TV shows before making her breakthrough in 2004 when she secured the role of Lois Lane in the TV series Smallville. She now plays Dr. Alex Reid in the TV series Saving Hope. On film, she has appeared in House of the Dead, The Butterfly Effect 2, and I Me Wed, among others.

Has Erica Durance had Plastic Surgery?

The Canadian star achieved stardom in Hollywood courtesy of her portrayal of Superman’s love Lois Lane in the long-running series Smallville. Her becoming a household name may have led her to more promising acting opportunities but it also made her a target for various plastic surgery rumors. These rumors claim that the 36-year-old actress has had a number of cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance. First, there are reports that claim Durance has had a breast augmentation procedure to establish a sexier image.

Her previous breasts were said to be smaller than the present, which is now distinctively more prominent than before. The alleged boob job is regarded as subtle as Durance chose the right size of implants to match her frame. In addition to breast implants, the Canadian star also reportedly has had a rhinoplasty procedure as her present nose looks to have been reshaped to achieve a more well-defined appearance. The rumors are persistent but the actress chose to ignore them.

Erica Durance Erica Durance

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