Kate Walsh Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kathleen Erin “Kate” Walsh was born on October 13, 1967 in San Jose, California. She attended University of Arizona and got involved in regional theater. Before beginning a modeling career, she has worked in such fast food restaurants as Burger King and Dairy Queen. She then worked as a model in Japan where she also taught English.

She returned to the US and began acting, first gaining recognition on TV for her role in The Drew Carey Show. She then rose to mainstream fame when she landed the role of Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey’s Anatomy. She played the same role in Grey’s Anatomy’s spin-off Private Practice.

Has Kate Walsh had Plastic Surgery?

The Private Practice actress is very outspoken when it comes to her stand on the subject of plastic surgery. The 46-year-old star who appeared nude on the cover of Shape magazine in February 2012 looked so radiant and gorgeous despite her being in her 40s, and Walsh assured audience that there’s no cosmetic procedures involved. The celebrity also used her comedic side to warn other women in Hollywood to stop the plastic surgery insanity.

After watching the Oscars in 2012, she twitted: “Dear Hollywood actresses, stop f***ing up your faces. It’s looking (like) the bar scene in Star Wars.” She revealed that though she receives facials and laser treatments, she’ll never consider invasive surgeries for herself. She added: “Everyone has her line in the sand. I draw mine at facials and laser treatments. But if others want to go a step further, it’s their call.”

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