Maggie Q Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on May 22, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Maggie Quigley started her career as a model in Tokyo, Japan at age 17. She later moved to Taiwan where she continued her attempt to build a modeling and acting career. After failing to secure any major jobs, she decided to move to Hong Kong where she began using the stage name Maggie Q. Despite her several failed attempts at being a star, it was in Hong Kong that she got her break after being personally selected by Jackie Chan. In 1998, she made her acting debut in the local TV drama series, House of the Dragon, which became a big hit in Asia. She later made her first feature film role in Model from Hell and went on to star in the Hong Kong action film Gen-Y Cops. 

Her performance in the latter caught the attention of Jackie Chan, leading her to earn a role in the Hollywood film Rush Hour 2. After this, she garnered more attention for starring in the action movie Naked Weapon. Maggie Q’s Hollywood breakthrough was in the Tom Cruise-starrer film, Mission: Impossible 3. She also gained recognition for playing one of the villains in the action film Live Free or Die Hard. Since then, the actress has had several performances in the movies, including Balls of Fury, Deception, New York, I Love You, and The King of Fighters.

In the 2010s, Maggie Q further established her acting fame when she landed the lead role in the TV series Nikita, which aired from 2010 to 2013. After this, she co-starred in the short-lived series Stalker, as well as played the role of Hannah Wells in the action thriller series, Designated Survivor. Back in the movies, she starred as Tori Wu in the Divergent films. She recently starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton in the action movie, The Protege. In addition, Maggie has starred in other Hollywood movies, including Death of Me, The Argument, and Fantasy Island.

Has Maggie Q had Plastic Surgery?

Maggie Q has been acting since the late 1990s. Now in her 40s, there have been rumors of the actress undergoing plastic surgery because her appearance has changed over the years. While the changes on how she looks could be attributed to styling, make-up, and even maturity, plastic surgery is a popular remedy in Hollywood that it remains a possibility whenever an actress starts looking different.

More recently, Maggie Q wows her fans with a more defined features – sharper jaws, more refined nose, and fuller lips. Could these be the results of plastic surgery? While some could be thinking about what Maggie Q could have done with a plastic surgeon, it’s hard to confirm any of these claims. The actress herself has never talked about plastic surgery, or even the possibility of getting one. She, however, follows a healthy lifestyle, which, for sure, contributes to her maintaining her great looks. Being an actress, the possibility that she at least has had some cosmetic enhancements, even minor ones, is still there.

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