Mark Wahlberg Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on June 5, 1971, Mark Wahlberg first became known as the frontman of the band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. As a model, his most prominence work was for Calvin Klein where he appeared in a number of underwear ads. In 1994, he started acting on the big screen, first getting noticed for his role in 1997’s Boogie Nights, followed by 1999’s Three Kings. He secured further success with starring roles in The Perfect Storm, Planet of the Apes, and received his first Oscar nomination for his performance in 2006’s The Departed in the supporting actor category.

Subsequently, he headlined the films Shooter, Max Payne, The Other Guys, and The Fighter. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his part in The Fighter. In the next few years, he starred in Ted, Lone Survivor, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and The Gambler. He also served as the executive producer of such television shows as Entourage, In Treatment, How to Make It in America, and Boardwalk Empire.

Has Mark Wahlberg had Plastic Surgery?

44-year-old star Mark Wahlberg is one of those Hollywood actors who doesn’t seem to get affected by aging. Despite being in his mid 40s, Wahlberg is fresh-looking as ever and looks physically fit, too. Because he’s years younger than his actual age, he becomes the subject of a plastic surgery debate. Could the Ted actor have had plastic surgery recently to maintain his youthful look. For one, it’s not impossible since it’s no secret that other actors in their crucial age have done something like this.

However, it can be noted that the actor expressed his dislike of plastic surgery several years ago. He stated that instead of looking really good, those people who have gone under the knife only looked worse, which is why he’s not a fan of such cosmetic procedures. Does he still feel the same way now that he’s nearing his 50s? From the looks of it, it seems Wahlberg is choosing to age gracefully. Though he still looks amazingly young, the wrinkles on his face is quite visible. His fitness routine and healthy diet is probably one of the reasons why he looks good for his age, in addition to his incredible genes.

Mark Wahlberg

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