Sigourney Weaver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Susan Alexandra Weaver, professionally known as Sigourney Weaver, was born on October 8, 1949 in Manhattan, New York City. She attended Stanford University where she first became involved in acting. She then earned her MFA at the Yale University School of Drama in 1974. She then made her film debut in 1977’s Annie Hall.

She gained mainstream recognition for her role as Ellen Ripley in the four Alien films. For her role in 1986’s Aliens, she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. Weaver’s other notable roles include in Ghostbusters, Working Girl, The Ice Storm, The Village, and Avatar, among others.

Has Sigourney Weaver had Plastic Surgery?

Sigourney Weaver has been in the film industry almost all her life and she claims that she has never had plastic surgery. Now that she’s in her 60s, Weaver claims that even aging cannot make her turn to cosmetic remedies to interfere with the natural process of getting older. Despite the ubiquity of cosmetic enhancements in Hollywood, Weaver still says no to any of it saying she feels alright with aging. She said: “I would never have plastic surgery or Botox injections.”

She went on to say: “How can you as an actress? They both leave you with such a tight, unreal look. It’s something fans and audiences pick up on instantly.” She believes that as an actor, she needs to be able to move her face to convey emotions. She then added: “I like my body now, where, in younger days, I could always find fault. I feel I have my curves at last. They may come from age, but I don’t care. I’m just glad they are there.”

Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver

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