Edward Norton Plastic Surgery Before and After

46-year old Edward Harrison Norton has been in the film industry since the late 1990s. Graduating from Yale University with a degree in History, he first attempted to do another profession by becoming a consultant for his grandfather’s company in Japan before becoming a full-pledged actor. When his calling for performing kicked in for good, he decided to return to the US and began his career by appearing in Off-Broadway theater productions in New York.

Making a remarkable debut in 1996’s Primal Fear, which earned him awards and nominations, he has since starred in American History X, Fight Club, Frida, Red Dragon, The Italian Job and Kingdom of Heaven. He then joined the superhero genre as he portrayed Bruce Banner in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. His most recent films are The Bourne Legacy, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

Has Edward Norton had Plastic Surgery?

The Academy Award-nominated actor is already in his late 40s and he doesn’t seem to age significantly. Though most of his performances on the big screen have nothing to do with his good looks as he relies on his talent 100%, it cannot be denied that Norton has his own boyish charm that is beyond his physical appearance alone.

Anyhow, as he ages in the entertainment industry, there have been questions as to what the actor has done, or may have done, to keep his face young and vibrant. Fortunately, it seems that the actor has never done anything nor has he received any major treatments to maintain his youthful vibe. There have been talks of a hair transplant, but such claims haven’t really been justified in a way that could change people’s mind as there aren’t any visual proof. Thus far, the actor looks well as he doesn’t try to eliminate the wrinkles and lines on his face. He definitely wants to age gracefully, and for that, Edward Norton rocks, in a cute way.

Edward Norton

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