Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lisa Valerie Kudrow was born on July 30, 1963 in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Biology. She began her career as a comedian where she was a member of The Groundlings. She then gained recognition as Ursula Buffay in the TV series Mad About You.

She later came to wider fame for her role as Phoebe Buffay in the hit comedy series Friends, a role she played from 1994 to 2004. She also achieved stardom for her roles in 1997’s Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, 1998’s The Opposite of Sex and 1999’s Analyze This, among others.

Has Lisa Kudrow had Plastic Surgery?

The comedic actress did not attempt to conceal her plastic surgery experience when she was younger as she confessed that she had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure when she was just 16. Kudrow shared that she had a problem with her self-esteem and considered herself ugly until she had a nose job. To kind of start a new identity, she had undergone the procedure before going to a new high school so everyone wouldn’t know how she originally looked.

Of the experience, she said: “I did it the summer before going to a new high school. So there were plenty of people who wouldn’t know how hideous I looked before. That was a good, good, good change.” Unlike other cases, the nose job did nothing but good things to Kudrow as this helped her become really confident, which led her to a career in the show business.

Lisa Kudrow Lisa Kudrow

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