Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elizabeth Mitchell was born on March 27, 1970 in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Stephens College with a degree in Acting. She further trained at the British American Drama Academy. Before pursuing a career on television, she worked at the Dallas Theater Center and Encore Theater.

She first gained recognition as Dr. Kim Legaspi in E.R. and came to critical attention for her role opposite Angelina Jolie in the HBO film Gia. She mostly performed on television and came to mainstream fame as Dr. Juliet Burke in the critically acclaimed television series Lost.

Has Elizabeth Mitchell had Plastic Surgery?

The 44-year-old actress may have soft features but is certainly fierce when it comes to acting, earning nominations for her acclaimed performance in Lost, as well as in Revolution. But recently Mitchell has sparked reports of plastic surgery as people noticed there was something about her that’s out of place. When observers inspected closely, they thought it was her nose that’s different recently, prompting rumors of a rhinoplasty procedure.

There was nothing wrong or distinctively off with her original nose but for some reasons Mitchell decided to have it reshaped. Now, her nose appears to be smaller and pinched at the tip, features which were not present before. Experts such as plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif’s professional opinion coincides with that of the people, saying that Mitchell’s new nose appears to be unnaturally straight, clear signs of a cosmetic surgery.

Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell

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