Jaimie Alexander Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jaimie Alexander was born on March 12, 1984 in Greenville, South Carolina. She moved to Los Angeles after high school to pursue acting. She made her acting debut in the 2004’s Squirrel Trap. She then made her TV debut in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the following year.

She has since appeared in the films The Other Side, Hallowed Ground and Love and Other Drugs. She rose to mainstream attention for her role as Sif in 2011’s Thor, which she reprised in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. On TV, she’s known as Jessi in Kyle XY.

Has Jaimie Alexander had Plastic Surgery?

Starting her professional acting career in 2004, 30-year-old Jaimie Alexander has already established herself as a sought after actress, thanks to her role as heroine Sif in the superhero blockbusters Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Having worked in the show business for almost a decade, Alexander is no stranger to rumors of plastic surgery and why such rumors surface in the first place. The actress’ new look recently sparked speculations that she has probably gone with the flow in Hollywood and got herself an enhanced appearance courtesy of plastic surgery.

However, most observers think that aside from a new haircut, Alexander hasn’t made any drastic transformation, unless she’s had a nose job during her teenage years. Because in that case, it would be hard to distinguish as she started her entertainment career when she was 20. So, it’s either she’s had plastic surgery at an early age or she’s just really gifted for having a perfect nose. Also, her face doesn’t show any signs of cosmetic procedures. Plus, she’s too young to have a facelift or any other anti-aging treatments, which means that it’s more likely that Alexander is all natural.

Jaimie Alexander Jaimie Alexander

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