Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Matthew McConaughey was born on November 4, 1969 in Uvalde, Texas. He attended the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication where he graduated with a degree in Radio-Television-Film. His acting career initially started in 1991 but it was his role in 1993’s Dazed and Confused that gained him recognition.

He had his breakout role as Jake Brigance in 1996’s A Time to Kill and later gained lead roles in such movies as Amistad and The Newton Boys. He also rose to fame for his roles in the romantic comedies The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. He won the Oscar for Best Actor for his work in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club.

Has Matthew McConaughey had Plastic Surgery

Matthew McConaughey has gone a long way from his time doing commercials to the time where he’s won a Best Actor at the Academy Awards and swept audiences from all over the world with his mesmerizing portrayals of different characters on the big screen. Not only is he known for his caliber as an actor, McConaughey is also recognized for his sex appeal, particularly his incredibly toned abs. But like most people, his physical features are far from perfect.

In his 2009 film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, it was apparent how the actor’s hairline was receding and it became known that the award-winning star has long been struggling with hair loss. But recently it has been noticed that his hair’s condition is highly improving and by the looks of it, it seems McConaughey has had some help to solve his hair problems. Hair restoration expert Dr. Alan Bauman says: “Matthew’s hair has been on the rebound for a while now. Publicly, to my knowledge, he’s denied surgical intervention and equates the regrowth to a magical topical potion. However, physicians will agree, nothing grows hair on bald skin except hair transplantation.”

Matthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey

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