Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Olivia Munn was born on 3 July 1980 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US. She was raised in Japan where she acted in some theater productions and later became a model. In her later life, she returned to Oklahoma where she continued her high school. After graduating, she studied at the University of Oklahoma where she majored in Journalism. Following her college education, she became an intern at a broadcasting network. In 2004, she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. That same year, she made her debut as an extra in the movie Scarecrow Gone Wild.

Her first gig on television was the co-host on the show Attack of the Show!. She also played Mille Acuna in the series Beyond the Break. Her first starring role on the small screen was as Leigh in Perfect Couples. Afterward, she played Sloan Sabbith in the HBO series The Newsroom, which gained her significant attention. Around this time, she became known for her roles in the films, such as Iron Man 2, Magic Mike, and Deliver Us from Evil. More recently, she played Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. Her latest starring role on television was in Six.

Has Olivia Munn had Plastic Surgery?

Lately, the actress faced rumors of getting lip injections to make her lips appear fuller. This was instigated by a recent red carpet appearance where observers noted that her lips have gone notably fuller and thicker. Given this, several reports circulated about her alleged cosmetic procedure. But, instead of denying said rumors verbally, the actress simply removed her lipstick on her Instagram story to prove that it’s all make-up. It’s all lipstick and lip liner that made her lips look fuller after all and not plastic surgery. This was also her way of shutting down plastic surgery rumors that targeted her lips once and for all. This isn’t the first time that Munn faced plastic surgery allegations. Before, she was also rumored to have undergone breast implants.

Olivia Munn

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