Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sharon Yvonne Stone was born on March 10, 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. After winning the title of Miss Crawford County, Pennsylvania while attending Edinboro University, she moved to New York to become a fashion model. She then pursued acting in which she made her screen debut in 1980’s Stardust Memories.

She first gained notice for her role in 1990’s Total Recall but it was 1992’s Basic Instinct that made her a star. She then gained acclaim for her role in 1995’s Casino, which won her a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Her other films include The Mighty, The Muse, and Cold Creek Manor, among others.

Has Sharon Stone had Plastic Surgery?

People came to know her as the murderous yet seductive Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. Now that she’s in her late 50s, her appearance doesn’t make it hard for people to remember her as the same woman with her “killer” looks. Her recent appearances on various magazines show no signs that Stone is getting older as she still has the capability to capture both men and women’s attention. This, however, triggered plastic surgery rumors. The 56-year-old actress responded to the reports, saying she has never had anything done.

But she confessed there came a point where she got almost convinced to undergo a facelift but decided not to go along with it as she believed there was nothing wrong with her face that would need drastic measure such as a facelift. She then said: “If you have things that you want to fix, you should go right ahead and fix them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with cosmetic surgery at all. I think it’s great. But I don’t think it’s alright to distort yourself.”

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