Amber Valletta Plastic Surgery Before and After

Amber Evangeline Valletta was born on February 9, 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona. She was enrolled in a modeling school at age 15 and has since achieved a successful modeling career. Her acting career began in the 2000 film Drop Back Ten, followed by What Lies Beneath, The Family Man and Perfume.

She rose to fame for her role in 2005’s Hitch and has since starred in some well-known films, including Transporter 2, Dead Silence, and Premonition, among others. On TV, she became known for her role as Lydia Davis in Revenge. Since 2014, she has played Sonya Odum in the TV series Legends.

Has Amber Valletta had Plastic Surgery?

The model-turned-actress is now 40 and while she’s aging, it cannot be denied that she’s aging better than others. While people can easily speculate that she achieved her incredible appearance through plastic surgery, she just doesn’t show signs of cosmetic procedures, especially invasive ones. But the Hitch actress revealed that while she hasn’t gone under the knife, she has beauty secrets she particularly follows to maintain her youthful glow without having the need to undergo any surgical enhancements.

In an interview with Allure, the cover model shared her beauty secrets and made no mention of ever considering plastic surgery in the near future. Valletta though mentioned that her biggest beauty concern is having deep eye sockets and darkness around her eyes. She admitted that as she’s getting older, such signs begin to come into play. She then confessed she’s willing to do something about it, implying about getting a laser treatment to bring back her vibrant eyes.

Amber Valletta Amber Valletta

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