Becky G Plastic Surgery Before and After

Becky G was born on March 2, 1997. At a young age, she started pursuing a musical career as means to help her family. When she was around 14, she began posting videos of herself covering popular songs online. One of her videos attracted the attention of producer Dr. Luke, which then led her a recording deal. While working on her debut, she started collaborating with other artists, which included Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd. In 2013, she released her first single titled “Becky from the Block”. That same year, her debut EP, Play It Again, was launched. Her second song, “Can’t Get Enough”, was released in 2014.

Finally, Becky G achieved mainstream recognition with the release of the single “Shower”. It also made the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. With the success of “Shower”, she worked on her subsequent songs: “Can’t Stop Dancin'”, “Lovin’ So Hard” and “Break a Sweat”. During this period, Becky G ventured into acting, playing the role of Valentina in the musical drama series, Empire. She appeared in two episodes, as well as recorded two songs for the show’s soundtrack.

She later collaborated with Pitbull again in the song “Superstar”. She released her first Spanish song, “Sola”, afterwards. Finally in 2019, Becky G released her debut album, Mala Santa. As an actress, she is also best known for her role as Trini or the Yellow Ranger in 2017’s Power Rangers. More recently, she collaborated with Christina Aguilera and Argentine singers Nicki Nicole and Nathy Peluso and released the song “Pa Mis Muchachas”.

Has Becky G had Plastic Surgery?

Now in her 20s, Becky G has blossomed into a young lady with amazing talents to boot. Since she started her career at an early age, any physical changes are bound to be obvious. And while she looks great, her fans have noticed enhancements on her appearance. Becky G was known for her gap teeth but in the recent times it appears that she’s had them fixed. Of course, some cosmetic dental work is not uncommon in Hollywood. As for the singer, she chose to have her teeth enhanced when she got older.

Aside from her new smile, some fans have also taken notice of her bigger buttocks. Could this be a result of plastic surgery or just a natural part of the singer’s physical transformation? After all, her body is bound to change since she’s no longer a teen. While others think her body is just normally developing, some think Becky G could have probably tried cosmetic surgery. In Hollywood, it’s also common for young stars to undergo plastic surgery to enhance breast size or have butt implants for a sexier figure and image. However, these are just speculations since the singer hasn’t addressed any of these rumors.

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