Brooke Burke-Charvet Plastic Surgery Before and After

Brooke Burke-Charvet was born on September 8, 1971 in Hartford, Connecticut. She was homecoming queen at her high school in 1989 and she later studied broadcast journalism. She first gained recognition on television when she landed a hosting gig for the show Wild On!.

She achieved further stardom when she was chosen to host the reality show Rock Star from 2005 to 2006. She then competed on the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars, eventually winning the competition. She then became the co-host of the show. She also co-hosted the Miss America pageant from 2011 to 2013.

Has Brooke Burke-Charvet had Plastic Surgery?

The 42-year-old television star is no stranger to plastic surgery. Burke has already admitted to having breast implants in her 20s to achieve huge breasts. She also confessed to having a second plastic surgery to get smaller ones. Unlike other celebrities who go through all the lengths of trying to conceal their experience with going under the knife, Burke is full-on when it comes to her experience.

But the celebrity revealed that although she has had something done before, going farther actually scares her. She said: “Women who do too much scare me. I’m glad it scares me. I was married to a plastic surgeon, so I’ve seen it all. If a woman has done a bit of work, you should never know.” Recently, Burke relies to healthy dieting and daily exercise to make sure she looks good, healthy and radiant. Now, she feels beautiful than ever, saying: “Physically I feel better today than I did in my 30s.”

Brooke Burke-Charvet Brooke Burke-Charvet

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