Emilia Clarke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emilia Clarke was born on October 26, 1986, London, England and grew up in Berkshire. She started acting at the age of 3, being exposed to live theater performances as her father was part of the production team. She studied at St. Edward’s School in Oxford, where she acted in two school plays and went on to pursue theater arts at the Drama Centre in London. This opened opportunities for her to act on television and landed her first TV role as a guest star in BBC’s show Doctors.

From then on, Clarke has received offers for different projects and finally did her first TV movie movie Triassic Attack (2010). But her big break came when she was cast as replacement in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones as the fearless Mother of Dragons, or more popularly known as Daenerys Targaryen, since 2011.

Has Emilia Clarke had Plastic Surgery?

With the TV show still gaining more popularity, Clarke has been gaining more fans for playing her role in the series and is often talked about with the suspected enhancements she has done, specifically on the beasts. The young actress has allegedly had beast augmentation to enhance her character who is this body perfect woman in Game of Thrones, especially now that she is filming her latest movie Terminator Genisys.

She has also been asked countless times if she has had plastic surgery on her lips because, well… They’re just perfectly supple and thick. However, the actress has been strongly denying any procedures done. There is also not enough evidence to conclude the matter and could possibly be a simple photoshop editing. The actress loves to sing and play instruments, so maybe that’s why she has maintained her youthful glow. So gossips tread carefully if you don’t want to be burned by her beauty and her baby dragons.

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