Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

Haylie Katherine Duff was born on February 19, 1985 in Houston, Texas, United States. Singer and actress Hilary Duff is her younger sister. Her professional acting career began in 1997 when she made her film debut in Hope and appeared as a recurring role in the television series True Women. From 2005 to 2007, she gained recognition as Sandy Jameson in the long-running series 7th Heaven.

On the big screen, she achieved wider notice for her role as Summer Wheatley in the 2004 hit comedy film Napoleon Dynamite. She then starred alongside her sister in 2006’s Material Girls. Other films are Addams Family Reunion, Dreams in the Attic and Pretty Little Devils.

Has Haylie Duff had Plastic Surgery?

Hilary Duff’s big sister may not be as famous as the Lizzie McGuire actress, but she has had notable roles both on film and TV that when news of her alleged plastic surgery circulated, everyone got curious. Haylie Duff has been deemed less attractive by many as compared to her little sis, probably damaging her confidence. That is why when the actress stepped out looking prominently different, observers thought she has addressed her insecurities through plastic surgery.

According to various rumors, Haylie Duff has both undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to lessen the size of her nose and a genioplasty to shave down her chin a bit. With her new smaller nose and less edgy chin, Duff has achieved a more feminine and cute look, just like Hilary Duff. But are these all true? No confirmations from the actress have been made, but some experts have their opinions. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden said: “Haylie Duff does appear to have undergone rhinoplasty as her nose now appears to be much smaller, straighter and in better alignment with the rest of her features. It also looks as if she has had a reduction genioplasty (surgery to lessen the size of the chin) given that it is much less pointy.”

Haylie Duff Haylie Duff

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