Jeremy Renner Plastic Surgery Before and After 

Jeremy Lee Renner was born on January 7, 1971 in Modesto, California. He had a rich educational background and varied academic interests in college, including criminology and psychology. He attended Modesto Junior College but soon found his passion for the arts and pursued theater, drawn by his desire for freedom of expression.

Renner became serious in his acting career after earning $50 from his first local theater acting gig. He studied at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and th3n moved to Hawaii and finally, to LA in ’93, hoping to get his big break. He did, after several commercials and TV movies, when he starred in the film Dahmer (2002) as a serial killer. It took a while for the actor to really get into commercial film. But projects streamed in after the movie S.W.A.T. (2003), which he did with actor Colin Farrell.

Has Jeremy Renner had Plastic Surgery? 

The 44 year-old actor has recently been talked about, especially as one of the most interesting addition to the superhero league in the Avengers series, as Hawkeye. He is known to be very natural in his portrayals and one of the most believable actors in a wide variety of roles. He’s done a lot of TV appearances and later, in movies like The Town (2010). He was also in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), American Hustle (2013), and Kill the Messenger (2014).

Among actors his age, Renner looks dashingly young and natural and has been suspected to have undergone cosmetic enhancements to his face and lips. Despite, not admitting to plastic surgery, the actor looks like he’s had procedures because of his younger looking skin over the years. Or it could also be because of his nurtured soul as Renner also continues to make music of his own, playing and composing songs.

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