Karishma Tanna Plastic Surgery Before and After

Karishma Tanna was born on 21 December 1983. She made her debut in 2005 when she appeared in the Hindi movie Dosti: Friends Forever. She did not star in films afterwards. She instead opted to start a career on television. She did so by first appearing as a contestant on Comedy Circus 1. She has since appeared on other reality shows like Zara Nachke Dikha and Meethi Choori No 1.

She was also the host of the reality-based comedy show Kaante Ki Takkar. In 2011, she returned to the big screen. This was when she made her Kannada debut in the movie I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona. This was followed by the Bollywood films Grand Masti and Golu Aur Pappu. She received wider recognition when she joined the reality show Bigg Boss 8 where she was the winner.

Has Karishma Tanna had Plastic Surgery?

Since her career beginnings in the mid 2000s, the Indian celebrity has built herself as a productive actress on both the big and small screen. Over the years, her fans have seen how she has molded herself as an actress. How she looks has also changed for the better. She looks more stunning these days more than ever. Her present looks has got some wondering if the actress has had plastic surgery. Compared to her younger look, Tanna looks more glamorous, her facial features have gone finer. Could this be due to cosmetic procedure? Or just improved make-up and styling?

Assumptions of going the knife continue to lurk in the corners of Bollywood. This is because just like in Hollywood, going under the knife continues to be an option among actors and actresses. Even some celebrities disclose how some producers or directors ask them to modify their looks before casting them for roles in feature films. Hence, it has become quite typical for some celebrities to undergo a surgery with the purpose of making their looks more improved. For others, it could just be pure vanity brought by the pressures of looking perfect in the industry. As for Tanna’s case, it could just be a case of excellent make-up and styling.

Karishma Tanna

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