Rashida Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rashida Jones was born in Los Angeles, California on February 25, 1976. Following her high school graduation, she went to Harvard University where she was first interested in pursuing law. She later changed her mind and became active in performing arts instead. In 1997, she finished her degree in Religion and Philosophy. That same year, she made her acting debut in the miniseries The Last Don.

A few years later, she became known for her role as Louisa Fenn on the television series Boston Public. In the mid 2000s, she’s had main roles on the shows NY-LON and Wanted, but both programs didn’t last long. Afterwards, she got cast for the part of Karen in the hit sitcom The Office. After her role ended in 2009, she started playing Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation, which got her mainstream fame. She will star in the upcoming show called Angie Tribeca.

Has Rashida Jones had Plastic Surgery?

The Parks and Recreation star is surprisingly already in her late 30s. In fact, she’s only one year shy of 40. For her fans, it’s quite hard to believe as Jones seems to have a youthful charm that’s just amazingly contagious. Now a household name, thanks to her remarkable performances in two successful comedy shows, the actress becomes a subject of plastic surgery rumors.

According to reports, Jones is no stranger to going under the knife as she had undergone a cosmetic procedure herself, that is a nose job. There are even before and after pictures of the actress circulating on the web, showing how her appearance has notably changed over the years, particularly her nose. As plastic surgeons have said, improving one’s nose affect other features of the face and its entire projection, giving the recipient a different look. This is the reason why some think that Jones really had plastic surgery because her face has changed so much. The actress, however, hasn’t addressed the issue yet.

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