Téa Leoni Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni, professionally known as Téa Leoni, was born on February 25, 1966 in New York City. She attended Sarah Lawrence College though she didn’t finish a degree. Her acting career began in 1989 with the soap opera Santa Barbara, where she played Lisa DiNapoli.

She then made her breakthrough on film in 1995’s Bad Boys. This was followed by lead roles in prominent movies, including Deep Impact, The Family Man, Jurassic Park III and Fun with Dick and Jane, among others. On TV, she’s known for her appearances in Flying Blind (1992-1993) and The Naked Truth (1995-1998).

Has Téa Leoni had Plastic Surgery?

48-year-old Téa Leoni claims she hasn’t had plastic surgery throughout her career despite the pressures of looking flawless in Hollywood. Though she has been rumored from time to time of undergoing cosmetic procedures (nose job and eye surgery), these claims about the actress didn’t really hold up, which proves that there’s nothing about her face and body that many people consider fake or enhanced.

If she has never had invasive procedures, people wonder if she could have had anti-aging treatments instead since she’s in her late 40s. But it seems that Leoni hasn’t tried such treatments as Botox. In an interview for The New York Times Style Magazine back in 2011, Leoni revealed she’s actually afraid of Botox primarily because she knows it works. She said: “I have a fear of Botox because I know it will make me look better and then I’ll be addicted.”

Téa Leoni Téa Leoni

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