Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gwen Stefani was born on 3rd October 1969 to Denis Stefani, a marketing executive for Yamaha and Patti, an accountant. Since her childhood, Gwen was exposed to folk music by her parents who served as a strong base for her musical career. At school, Stefani found written work very challenging because of her dyslexia hence leading her to be more inclined towards pursuing a career in music. After making a music tape for her father, her parents were convinced of her passion for music and strongly encouraged her to take music lessons to better her skill. By the early 1990s, Stefani gained much popularity due to her association with No Doubt as their primary and lead singer. However, she parted ways with her band mates in early 2002 to start a solo career only to reconcile again in 2008.

Stefani also launched her own clothing line in 2008, famously known as L.A.M.B. The history behind this line comes from the fact that many of the women in her family were seamstresses including her mom who initially taught her to stitch. Soon after, Stefani was always seen wearing her own designs on stage when performing with No Doubt.

Has Gwen Stefani Had Plastic Surgery?

Being the world’s tenth highest paid music personality, Stefani has indeed got to keep up a high profile classy image to impress her fans. Such pressures eventually lead to physically modifying surgeries such as a nose job, upper eyelid lift, lip implants, Botox and breast implants which the singer has gotten done on herself already at the age of 45.

Of all the procedures that she has gotten done on her, the most prominent one seems to be the rhinoplasty she got done. It has not only made her nose slimmer and well cut but also symmetrical according to her face.

Her lip implants are a big controversial issue which has to do make up on one end and procedure on the other end. While these may very well just be rumors, it is true that her lips do look fuller than how they looked back in her youth. Analysis done on her breasts suggest that she has gotten breast implants. Sources and early on pictures reveal Stefani to be flat chested while over the years her breasts have seemed to gain some size, getting much rounder and voluptuous as well. Although this is not one of her drastic changes since she only moved a bare cup size up.

At 45 one must definitely have some wrinkles no? However, Stefani has the most flawless skin with the perfect eye brows and no wrinkles around them, not even laugh lines. This is a clear indication that she may have gotten Botox injections to stretch out her skin to make her look at least 7 to 10 years younger. There are also some rumors regarding Juverderm Voluma injections which she may have gotten put into her cheeks to make them look plump and much rounder than before. Seems like Gwen Stefani has gotten it all done and managed to pull it off without looking too bad either.


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  1. Oh wow, over the years she only moved a bare cup size up? Must be implants!
    It’s called maturing and having babies, people.

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