Kimberly Stewart Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kimberly Stewart was born on 21st August 1979 to a famous musician Rod Stewart and fashion model Alana Stewart. She’s the second child for both parents who also have more children from other partners. Kimberly grew up in her birth state, California and worked under the close supervision of many acting coaches such as Janet Alhanti, learning and studying performing arts.

Later she left for London to further pursue her dream in acting and worked with various famous theater coaches like Barbara Houseman and Singing coaches like Mark Meylan. It is rather safe to say that Kimberly Stewart has had a very fulfilling career so far, keeping her interests varied between, acting, modeling and fashion.

When it comes to acting, she’s worked on television series like Going to California and movies such as Black and White alongside famous stars like Robert Downy Jr. While she has appeared on many cover magazines like Italian Vogue and Elle, Stewart is also well credited for having started her own fashion line by the age of 19. When it comes to modeling, Stewart starred in the music video of “Razoreyes”, and also has posed nude for a couple of British magazines.

Has Kimberly Stewart Had plastic surgery?

The media was in a frenzy after finding the initially flat chested Kimberly quite voluptuous and full. Although Stewart herself has never been comfortable talking to media personnel regarding her plastic surgery whims, the breast implants became a hit on their own which she got after her modeling school graduation. The news got more hype when her own father commented about her implants boosting her confidence, to the media.

However, she had to only recently get them removed because of developing capsular contracture, a spine related issue. Talk about surgery going all wrong, the mother of one is now seen as back to her old self with a regular cup size highlighting the obvious that her voluptuous breast implants have been officially removed. To add to the gossip table, after getting her implants removed, she got them framed and sent to Jack Osborne. On a much positive note, the actor/model at least decided to face her insecurities which are occasionally suppressed by many actors and later project themselves in hideous versions.

Other plastic surgeries by Stewart include an infamous rhinoplasty among other tweaks to her face. The nose job become a well known hit especially since it starkly contrasted with her large nose that she had originally inherited from her father. The new nose is much thinner and quite aesthetically pleasing as compared to the previous one. While the old nose drove much attention to itself, it is said the new much refined nose allows room for other of her features to be well observed and scrutinized and also prominently adds to her overall feminine aura. Many prominent surgeons have commented on how good of a job that was done especially since it adequately highlights her other face features and allows the viewer to capture her whole compelling self in a much attractive and distinguishable manner.


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